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Healthy Nails: A Guide to Dos and Don"ts

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Some say nails can reflect a person"s personality or hygiene rather. Sometimes it also becomes a factor in creating a good impression in meeting people. Clean nails are always winners and bad-looking nails would just be a turn-off for most people.

So, how can we keep our nails healthy? Let"s find out more about it.

Nails which are composed of layers of protein called keratin may seem to be small but they are vital in indicating our health based on the condition they are in. According to MayoClinic, healthy fingernails are smooth, without any grooves. They are usually uniform in color and free of spots or discoloration. Sometimes, nails can from some harmless due to age or an injury.

But, if ever you notice your nails to be discolored, bleeding or in any other abnormal conditions, please consult your doctor.

Here are some dos and dont"s you need to keep in mind to be able to have healthy nails.

Do keep your nails clean and dry. Bacteria can be prevented from growing under your nails if you maintain clean fingernails. Prolonged contact with water can result to split nails.

Do practice good nail hygiene. Trim your nails using a sharp scissor or clipper. Growing them out too long is not recommended.

Do moisturize. Whenever you use hand lotion, you can spread it along your nails, too. This can keep them moisturized and prevent them from drying.

Do add protection. Applying a nail hardener which is enriched with proteins may help it become stronger. Be sure to check those with safe ingredients though.

Don"t do any nail biting. Although it"s fun to bite your nails especially if you"re thinking about something, this habit can damage your nails and can even allow bacteria to enter and cause an infection.

Don"t pull off hangnails. Carefully clip hangnails and not pull them for you might rip tissue along with it.

Don"t use harsh nail care products. Limit the use of nail polish remover or you can opt for an acetone-free formula.

Don"t ignore problems. If you notice any nail problem that seems to be persistent, consult your doctor right away.

If you prefer to do a DIY in cleaning your nails, you can check Anneorshine"s tips below:

However, if you rely on nail salon services for achieving healthy nails, always stick to salons that are licensed such as Polish, a nail salon in Town Center if ever you"re in Jacksonville. Your nails need to be taken care of delicately and it"s important to choose reputable ones.

Nails are easy to be neglected but by keeping these tips in mind, you can keep them healthy.


“If you"ve got cool nails, you wake up and you"re like, ‘Oh, I"m happy now." ~Maisie Williams