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As chiropractors in Orange Park, Florida 32073, we are often asked questions about back and neck pain. Did you know that your feet have over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments and 52 bones! So obviously taking proper care of your feet is important. In an area around the annulus is out of place or weakened it allows the soft center to be squeezed out and bulge like a bubble. While a herniated disc can happen anywhere in the spine, the most common place is in the lower back. The better your nervous system, the better your health.

What Does A Chiropractor Do For Lower Back Pain in Orange Park, Florida?

Chiropractor Adjustment Orange ParkYour nervous system is involved in your ability to digest food, fight off sickness, curl up with a good book, etc. Chiropractic care is the best and safest way to ensure that your nervous system is functioning properly. However, over 80% of the U.S. population complains of low back pain. The pain is still there, you just don"t feel it. Pain is a sign that something isn"t quite right, and neck pain can be particularly debilitating.

Neck pain plus vomiting and stiffness: This may be an indication of meningitis. And if your issue requires another type of practitioner, we will refer you to one.Chiropractic care near Clay County, Florida is a natural way to improve your body"s ability to heal itself. Chiropractic care addresses the cause of the pain to prevent it from recurring. Chiropractors understand how the nervous system affects the rest of your body which helps us to determine where your back pain, headache, etc. is actually coming from. Most people do not find working out enjoyable, especially if they are in pain or suffering from a headache during their workouts. Chiropractic care can help you get your stress back under control by eliminating your pain, improving your sleep, and all other reasons mentioned above.

What Are the Benefits of going to a Chiropractor near Orange Park, Florida 32073

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases that affect how your body uses glucose, commonly known as blood sugar. There are several different forms of diabetes, let"s start with type 1 and type 2. Both of these types of diabetes commonly cause symptoms such as frequent urination, and extreme thirst and hunger. Typically, GDM goes away after the mother delivers, but some women do go on to develop type 2 diabetes later in life. Then if all else fails, the patient will need to begin insulin treatment.

Chiropractic Adjustment for Lower Back Pain in Orange Park

Healthy lifestyle changes are absolutely critical for diabetes prevention—or to help pull your body into remission. For many people, the pain from sciatica can be excruciating and debilitating, sometimes making standing or sitting difficult or impossible. The sciatic nerve provides strength and sensation to the legs and connects major muscles with the spinal cord. (Another important reason why continuous and preventative Orange Park chiropractic care is essential to spinal and overall health.) Obesity also can increase risk, as excess weight can contribute to spinal changes. A 2006 study published in Spine found that manipulations (adjustments) helped relieve pain due to acute back pain and sciatica. Our spinal system is strong enough to protect the sensitive nerve roots, while at the same time it allows us the flexibility to accomplish all the movements of daily life like walking, twisting, bending and lifting.

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A spinal motion unit that moves improperly or is overly strained can irritate nerves, interfere with muscle tension and result in pain. Trauma, lifting injuries or other unknown causes can create a spinal disc herniation, which is sometimes referred to as a “slipped" or “bulging" disc. With chiropractic care, gentle adjustments to any misaligned vertebrae may restore normal movement within the spine, decrease irritation of nerves and reduce pain.

  • Avoid twisting when lifting
  • Be active, avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Lift with your knees, with objects close to your body
  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight
  • Maintain proper posture
  • Make sure ongoing chiropractic care in Orange Park, Florida is part of your wellness lifestyle
  • Quit smoking to ensure that maximum oxygen and nutrient amounts reach spinal tissues
  • Talk to your chiropractor about creating an ergonomically correct workstation
  • Warm up and stretch before all physical activities, including chores like yard work
  • Wear properly fitted shoes with customized orthodontics

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As experts in the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors are the ideal healthcare providers to treat problems associated with the neck. It’s important to note that it may take years for pain or other issues to surface, which is why it’s critical to get check in order to prevent or delay potential health issues. This is a normal, healthy curvature in the neck—which is about 42 degrees when standing upright. Many patients we see with neck pain and stiffness have a reduced curvature in their neck. Shortly after beginning treatment, many patients see improvements, including a reduction or even elimination of pain.

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