All About Organic Meat

Organic meat is different from a regular meat since an animal farmer raised an animal before butchering. It must be certified by a certification organization like the Midwest Organic Services Association. This has been suggested by health practitioners due to its health benefits.

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Farmers follow strict guidelines for the meat production. Organic meats are born and raised on the farm. Like for instance, beef cattles are not raised in pens. They are free to roam around the farm without any restriction. They can always get water, food, sunshine and outdoor air. All things inside in an organic farm should also be organic. Forage and grains must be grown organically and pest control should also be organic. Chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are not allowed on the farm.

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There will be no organic meat that will be certified if the animal has taken antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal byproducts.  Animals are solely fed with organically grown farm products.

Growth hormones that are eliminated from organic meats’ production are given to cattle to speed up their growth.  These animals are healthier than their conventional counterparts. Animals are also allowed to mate anytime.

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Much of the organic meat are derived from bull meat. Bull meat is one of the leanest meat. An organic meat is more expensive than the regular meat but it is fresher and healthier. Any consumer can guarantee that there is nothing healthier than an organic meat product.

The following are characteristics of an organic meat:

  • It is GMO-free.
  • It contains fewer pesticides.
  • It is fresher because it doesn’t contain preservatives.

Dark Chocolate Is A Heart Medicine

Antioxidants are substances used to protect the body from oxidation. Oxidation is a process brought by free radicals from cigarette smoke, radiation and pollution or formed naturally from normal metabolism. Your body naturally circulates different nutrients because of their antioxidant properties. It also produces antioxidant enzymes to control free radical reactions.

Colombian dark chocolate

Some antioxidants are naturally produced by your body but some are not. In fact, your body"s natural antioxidant production declines as you age. Antioxidants have a very important role in your health because they control how fast you age and they are onw of the heart"s medicine as well.

If your body will not get enough protection, free radicals can become rampant causing your cells to perform poorly. This results in tissue degradation and may put you at risk of diseases such as heart diseases.


Antioxidants from dark chocolates are one of the best because it contains a huge amount of antioxidant. Eating dark chocolate a day can help you prevent heart diseases. This is according to a study by a team of Swiss researchers. They found out that antioxidants coming from chocolate prevent the blood veins from becoming smaller. They came to this conclusion after a test they made to a group of 20 volunteers, These are volunteer smokers without any health issues. The volunteers were instructed not to eat any food rich in antioxidants like apples, onion, and cabbage. They were only given 40 grams of various types of chocolate.

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The result showed that the volunteers’ blood flow were improved after two hours. It was also showed that the risk of blood accidents and blockages have been decreased. On the other hand, eating white chocolate will not have the same effects. Chocolates contain fats and glucose so, it can cause weight problems if they are excessively consumed. Dark chocolates became one of the regular household groceries due to their health benefits but of course, you’ll have to add the fact that they are as delicious as the white ones.

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Take note that it is crucial that you do not stick to getting just one or two types of antioxidants like focusing to dark chocolates only. There are a lot of antioxidants that give you huge benefits such as fresh, organic vegetables and fruits.

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Tips For Healthy Eating And Dining Out

This has been one of the biggest challenges for those who are trying to have a healthy diet especially when they decide to eat in a local restaurant.  Eating out has challenges like not knowing how a food was prepared, how much fat it has, and whether or not healthy ingredients were used.


There are a lot of restaurants that are working hard to meet the demand of healthy menus. Most of the time, it is a fact that healthy menus are unappealing. For you to eat healthy menu at restaurants, make sure to be proactive. You must not be afraid to ask how a food is prepared. A good chef is willing to answer questions about their restaurant menus.

Below are some tips for healthy eating in restaurants:

Make sure to order meat that is grilled, baked or broiled. Avoid deep fried dishes. If you are not sure how a food is prepared, you can ask their staff.

At Gottie's Beef Osaka, Japan

Try to select leaner cuts of meat or fish because this is a way to eat healthier.

Select side dishes that are steamed.  Avoid vegetables that are fried, au gratin, or prepared in cream or butter sauces.


Select a fat-free salad.


Select broth based soups. A vegetable soup is also a low-fat alternative.


Make sure to stick on tomato based sauces and avoid cream or heavy Alfredo sauces. A pesto sauce without meat is a great choice for pasta dishes.

Pizza margherita

When eating at oriental restaurants, make sure to have steamed rice and stir fried vegetable meals.  Do not go with heavy sauces. You may also request that your meal is prepared with less oil. Try also to select dishes with less meat and more on fresh vegetables.

Soup and Main - RACV Club Conservatory Buffet

A light dessert of fresh fruit is suggested. When ordering desserts, be sure to order one and share it with your partner.

Finally, when eating at a fast food restaurant, it is very important to avoid the temptation of having supersized meals.  Fast food restaurants are known for making their meals into larger portions to make it more attractive and pricing them competitively.